Hannah Furnell

Hannah Furnell

BA Graphic Design: Communication

Year of graduation

Current job title and company/profession
Graphic Designer for Lovelysally.com

I finished my study on the Graphic Design course at the University of Salford in 2011, in which I graduated with a First Class Honours degree. Before completing my degree I was contacted by design company Clarity International with a full time Graphic Design offer in Milan, Italy. I worked in Italy for approximately 9 months as one of the main graphic designers in the company, creating work for large companies, with the main client being BT. This was a great experience and I feel that it improved my skills greatly. In February 2013, I was contacted by clothing company Lovely Sally and offered a full time freelance Graphic Design job and I decided it was best to return to Manchester.

I specialise in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. I intend to carry forward my academic skills and am eager to improve my skills with experience in the industry. I am very dedicated to my work and, thanks to my studies at Salford, wish to share my passion for design.

Twitter: @hannahfurnell