David Howarth

David Howarth

MA Communication Design

Year of graduation

Current job title and company/profession
Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi UAE

Since graduating from University of Salford my career path has seen me take up a role that I have long been looking forward to – teaching at BA/BFA level at Universities such as University of Salford and Doncaster College (part time basis) and now in my present role at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. I have also exhibited work at 2 large exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai which communicate the crossing of cultures within a visual narrative.

"My time at University of Salford was a very enjoyable experience and I was very fortunate to work with a strong cohort of fellow peers along with exceptional faculty who guided me through the challenges I faced working through my Masters.

I am now fortunate to be in a role that I have been working towards for over 20 years (since my first experience of teaching students whilst working within the industry).

I have also had the pleasure of working very closely with artists such as Hassan Mossudy and Christo on projects that are currently in progress.

I whole heartedly recommend anyone thinking of taking a Masters course within the Art & Design Department to choose the Masters courses offered at the University of Salford.