Simon Britner

Simon Britner

MA Art and Design: Product Innovation

Year of graduation

Current job title and company/profession
Product Designer: Jonathan Fawcett Limited, Wilmslow, Cheshire UK

"1999 -2003 BA Hons 3D Design for Production - University of Brighton Post Graduate Research focused on sustainability and sustainable product innovation. This was inspired by the concept of  ‘Cradle to Cradle’ but also investigated sustainable material culture in terms of user behaviours, longevity of user appeal and also the growing retro and vintage markets which retail the ‘re-ownership’ of products. Product concepts were developed for recyclable disposal, adaptive use and refurbishment, and legacy life in the form of reuse. Consumption is based on patterns of use. Products can maximise the sustainability of these patterns, when a holistic consideration is undertaken of the product lifecycle, cultural and lifestyle context and the experience of ownership beyond ‘newness’ and toward the patination of object value".

Key Areas: Sustainable Product Development, Product Semantics, Emotional Branding, Product Development Strategies.