Collaborative Research Partnerships

The School can help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the staff knowledge base. Partnership between your company and the University will enable you to access skills and expertise to help your company develop and succeed.

Our Design Against Crime Solution Centre (DACSC) is an international centre for research, innovation, best practice and training in human-centred, design-led crime prevention. Established in 1999, DACSC has delivered practical research into design-led crime prevention; developing guidelines and support materials and publishing extensively on the subject.

With funding from the UK Home Office and Design Council and support from the European Commission, the DACSC has grown to become an international network of researchers, police, security experts, planners and design practitioners.

In partnership with Greater Manchester Police (GMP), DACSC has delivered a range of UK and EU-funded research, in addition to delivering innovation support and CPD training. The Solution Centre has delivered 15 projects since its launch, including work on reducing offending in crime hotspots in Manchester city centre. This project investigated each location, researched causal factors and developed 20 design interventions—including pedestrianisation of the Gay Village area to reduce violence and antisocial behaviour.

DACSC on-going relationship with GMP’s Design for Security consultancy is strengthened through genuine collaboration in practical design research projects. Via research-led industry partnerships, the School can help businesses benefit from improved innovation, income generation and wider social regeneration.

"Our partnership with the Design Against Crime Solution Centre has provided us with access to knowledge and expertise that we have been able to leverage to make a real difference to the way we deliver our services — to the benefit of us, our partners and the people of Greater Manchester."
Sue Fletcher, Head, Design for Security, Greater Manchester Police