The Politics of Location

Thursday 12 November 2015 9.30am - Thursday 12 November 2015 5.00pm
Venue: The Innovation Forum, Frederick Road, Salford
Event Type: Arts; Conferences

You are invited to attend this event which will provide a friendly and welcoming space to explore issues that you are grappling with in practice, in your community work, activism, writing and research: 

Migration: Implications for policy and practice
Migration: Implications for human rights
Migration: Implications for individuals, communities and societies 
Migration: Beyond geographical borders
Migration: The human emotional, psychological and social cost
Migration: Issues of safeguarding, protection and resilience

‘The Politics of Location’ gives you an opportunity to hear and exchange knowledge about your work, thoughts and experiences.  The daily grind of working and living with the psychological and social impact of migration is exhausting and traumatic. ‘The Politics of Location’ is a space for transformation, inspiration, encouragement and collaboration.

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