Salford Sonic Fusion Project - Loops to and from 'The Loop'

Friday 21 February 2014 7.00pm - Friday 21 February 2014 8.00pm
Venue: The Digital Performance Lab (DPL), University of Salford, MediaCityUK, M50 2HE
Event Type: Arts; Music; Open Days/Student Events
Featuring the Laptop Ensemble of Columbia College Chicago (led by Tim Edwards) and ALE - The Adelphi Laptop Ensemble (led by Stephen Davismoon) this special event marks the culmination of an exciting collaborative project between Columbia College Chicago and the University of Salford. During the late Autumn last year, Professor Stephen
Davismoon presented various Salford found-sounds, which he and several music students had gathered, to music students at Columbia College Chicago.
During this visit he, along with Tim Edwards and many of his digital music students, gathered an array of found-sounds in Chicago. Tonight, students and staff from each institution will play a set of electronic works live, broadcast via satellite, including two new collaborative works derived from the Chicago/Salford location recordings.
Admission: Free