Interactive Video: from Narratives to Synchronous Communication

Wednesday 24 April 2013 1.00pm - Wednesday 24 April 2013 2.00pm
Venue: THINK Lab, Maxwell Building
Event Type: Arts; Public Lectures

Dr Marian Ursu is a Reader in Narrative Interactive Media and the Director of Research at the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

He has led the Narrative Interactive Media (NIM) research group at Goldsmiths for the past ten years, since its inception. NIM investigates the development of novel video-based communication systems, ranging from the pragmatic end of informal conversation, which includes synchronous video communication, to the creative end of narrative expression, which includes film and TV. NIM has been involved in research projects totalling over £20m.

The talk will focus on interactive video in the space where film and television meets performance and social interaction. Dr Ursu will present an overview of concepts and technologies developed over the past ten years in large European research projects, and explore whether professional film and television productions can be interactive.

Registration is free but capacity is limited. Please email Hanneke van Dijk at or call 0161 295 5164.