Fashion student’s designs gain industry recognition

Friday 22 February 2013

A Salford student’s design talents were praised at the Fashion Awareness Direct - FAD - Competition Final held this week in London, winning a runner-up prize of £500 and a placement in industry.

FAD, a charity that supports young people seeking a career in the fashion industry, chose Nneka Okorie’s as a runner-up from over 100 student entries across the UK. The annual competition aims to challenge fashion students to think beyond commercial factors to art, culture and wider social trends in their research and design work.

This year, students were asked to “envisage a key development or change taking place in the next 10 years, and design two outfits which respond to it”. Nneka responded to the challenge by creating a visually bold menswear collection which included a sunset print trenchcoat in vivid shades of purple and red.

She explains: “My answer to the advancements and social changes of society in 10 years’ time is having clothes that are so visually bold and uplifting the mind is transported somewhere else; I’m offering a door to escape through.”

Judge and respected fashion journalist Hilary Alexander said: “Nneka’s runner-up entry brought a highly original print concept to the table.”