And Now for Something Completely Different

Friday 15 November 2013 2.00pm - Friday 15 November 2013 9.00pm
Venue: Robert Powell Theatre
Event Type: Arts

First, second and third year students from our BA (Hons) Performance: Dance Theatre course are working together as a company for the first time ever to deliver a brand new Monty Python-inspired show entitled ‘And Now for Something Completely Different.’

Choreographed by Salford alumni and independent dance artist Jo Ashbridge, this thought-provoking and sometimes simply absurd performance promises to deliver bits of silly dancing, a series of comical vignettes and bouts of satirical humour. 

Drawing on Monty Python’s 1970’s sketch comedy series Flying Circus and their hit film Life of Brian, this dance theatre piece will provide an altogether comical take on societal norms that everyone will be able to relate to. 

Commenting on the show’s theme, Jo explained: “I used the theme for my dissertation piece whilst at University and found it offered a great deal of scope for creating dance theatre material.  Using the surreal elements of Flying Circus gave us with the scope to do what we wanted, whilst the Life of Brian theme provided various narratives for the piece.”

Between their weekly rehearsals, technical workshops and costume fittings, all seventeen Dance Theatre students have been working extremely hard to juggle the demands of the show alongside their day to day studies.  Commenting on the experience, final year student Zara Warbuton said: “The last few weeks have been extremely busy and very tiring but it’s definitely been worth it. Next Friday will be the last time all of us third years will perform together so I’m really hoping it’s going to be a night to remember.”

Fellow final year student and aspiring arts marketer, Laura Thomas added: “This project has been a great way to kick off my third year at university.  Working with the first and second years as a collective has given us the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work within a professional dance company.  I’m very proud with what we’ve been able to achieve together as a group.”

Join Zara, Laura and the rest of our Dance Theatre students on Friday 15th November in The Robert Powell Theatre for their premiere of ‘And Now for Something Completely Different’. 

The first performance starts at 2.00pm with a final show rounding out the evening at 7.30pm.  This is a free public event so reserve your seats today and don’t miss out!

Follow this link to reserve a seat.