Graphic Design lecturer curates ‘HOME’ exhibition at Cornerhouse

HOME Exhibition

Friday 1 June – Tuesday 10 July

Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH

FREE entry

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
lecturer Tash Willcocks is curating a new exhibition entitled ‘HOME’ at the Cornerhouse, Manchester featuring a plethora of designers, illustrators, photographers and typographers who call, or have once called Manchester their home.  Featuring artists such as Stanley Chow, Si Scott, James O’Connell, Andrew Brooks, Andy Votel, Ben Lamb and Robert Shadbolt, as well as Salford students; artists will offer their interpretations of what home means to them. 

We caught up with Tash to see what her inspirations for the exhibition were and how students have been involved in the project.

What made you want to curate the exhibition?

The idea came from an ongoing international project I am currently running with our Graphic Design students - they’re working with students in Dubai to create interpretations of each other’s homes using a combination of mood boards and posters.

The Cornerhouse approached me about curating an exhibition after seeing some of the amazing student work that was coming out of Salford and all the contacts I interacted with in the creative field on social networking sites. I thought it’d be a great opportunity to extend the ‘home’ idea and give students the chance to exhibit alongside professional creatives at a prestigious venue.

I think the home idea is really accessible because whether beautiful, banal, delightful, destroyed, over-emphasised or underdeveloped, we all have a view of what constitutes an urban or rural nest.

How do you feed this practice back into your teaching?

It’s great for the students because they can engage - their work being shown in a great space gives them a boost and really realises their potential. I learn from every experience - you always think ‘maybe I could have done that better’, so you live and learn, make mistakes and then feed this back into practice and teaching. Real world experience is amazing and so important; to be making contacts and getting myself and students engaging with all aspects of the industry is invaluable.

The exhibition also seems to emphasise the need for affordable art - why do you think it’s important for people to have art in their home?

It’s extremely important! Now we don’t have our record collections on display and seem to have more and more of our lives on a computer, our homes are the last bastion of self-identity - how we show who we are. It makes a home a home, rather than just a set of walls. You should never buy art for your home to look good, you should buy it because you love it and want to live with it. We wanted visitors to the exhibition to be able to take art away with them to feather their own abodes. All the prints featured will be limited editions made especially for the Cornerhouse and priced below £50 to make home really where the heart is…

Graphic Design lecturer curates ‘HOME’ exhibition at Cornerhouse Graphic Design lecturer curates ‘HOME’ exhibition at Cornerhouse Graphic Design lecturer curates ‘HOME’ exhibition at Cornerhouse