Students and staff showcase digital creativity at MediaCityUK opening

As part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s tour and official opening of our MediaCityUK building, His Royal Highness had the chance to witness some of the innovative creative media works produced by students and staff at the new facility.

In the ‘Egg’ multimedia space The Duke experienced Decode/Recode, a 24-hour interactive media installation staged to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, the father of computer science. Five differently-configured banks of ultra-high resolution screens displayed digital imagery, performances, drawing, poetry and video, with the University’s MediaCityUK building acting as a central hub, receiving and sending content across the world to the University’s partners.


The Duke also had the chance to see Transmissions, a multimedia performance developed to depict the last century of events in the Salford Quays and Trafford Park area. Central to the performance was a film created by MA Creative Technology students Mark Thomas and Alasdair Swenson from the Soup Collective.

The film revolved around the first analogue radio signal broadcasted from Trafford Park in 1922 and explored the idea that the signal still exists in the universe somewhere. Transmissions was shown in the Digital Performance Lab, a unique black box theatre space enhanced by the latest in screen technology and interactive devices.


Video on radio transmission 

Paul Sermon, Professor of Creative Technology at the School of Arts & Media, said: “We chose to present Decode/Recode and Transmissions at the official opening as they showcased how staff and students can use the incredible technology and facilities at our MediaCityUK building to produce outstanding multimedia experiences. We hope that the events left a lasting impression on His Royal Highness of the creativity and innovation that Salford has to offer.”

Student Designs for Decode/Recode

Patricia Marques Nakisa Soltan Kashefi Zoe Martin