Creative Hive Live 2012

Creative Hive is an organisation based at the University of Salford whose goal is to provide real-world opportunities and connections between people in education and industry. Creative Hive provides a means for creative people of all disciplines and from anywhere to showcase their work and form new collaborations both digitally at and in person at physical showcases and events.
We are delighted to have secured the University of Salford’s state-of-the-art ‘Egg’ living research facility at MediaCityUK for Creative Hive Live on 29 May 2012, 2.00pm-9.00pm.
Creative Hive Live will be a celebration of digital technologies and creative connections, consisting of interactive displays, performances, installations, live events and more. The event will be an opportunity to connect people, create new opportunities and learn from new mixed disciplinary collaborations and stories. There will also be a creative speed networking session using interactive touch tables allowing creative people to display and discuss their work using cutting edge technology.
Creative Hive Live will form the launch event for the University of Salford's Media, Music and Performance final year shows, but will draw on the best talent of the University of Salford, other universities and the best creative talent of the North West of England.
Exhibits, stories and live events will focus on new cross-disciplinary work, storytelling, innovation and creative connections. We face many global challenges in the modern world and this exhibition explores how we got to this point and examines how we may improve our situation using creative and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

For students and graduates

The event will provide employment opportunities and a way for you to experience engaging cross-disciplinary work in our cutting-edge facility at MediaCityUK. Meet new people and potential employers over a glass of fine wine or sit back and enjoy the event as it unfolds.

For employers and industry

The event will provide you access to see some of the best emerging talent in the region. You can tell your story, promote your business and speak directly to potential new employees.
Creative Hive Live is free-of-charge to attend, and to register go to and click on ‘Registration’.