Students give Salford’s old police HQ ‘arresting’ new facelift

Friday 24 July 2015

Arts and Media students from the University of Salford have given Salford’s former police headquarters an ‘arresting’ new facelift.

Designs and images from the University’s Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Image Making, Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Arts, English and Performance students have been installed to replace the formerly boarded up windows.  This facelift will brighten up the Salford landmark, which was built by renowned Bolton architects Bradshaw, Grass and Hope in the 1950s. 

The main University campus is home to 1,300 students and where over 20,000 other staff and students spend significant parts of their day. 

Initiatives to animate the campus by encouraging impromptu performance and outdoor learning are currently under way.  New University buildings, student residences and creative structures are also nearing completion.  Taken together, this will represent a multi-million pound investment in the campus.

The strategy also links with the recently announced £2.5 million revamp of Peel Park, Britain’s oldest public park, which is located right beside the University and is from where the University’s main campus takes its name.

Commenting on the recently installed artworks, the University’s Estates & Property Services Head of Strategy, Peter Bright said: “This fantastic art installation has given a well-known Salford landmark a much needed facelift but has also given our students the chance to showcase their talents and brighten up their campus. 

“The University is working hard to ensure that our campus is an environment that encourages positive learning and work.  Over the coming years you are going to see our campus come alive with performances, public art and much more.  The arresting new facelift our students have given the former police HQ is a great next step on the road to our new dynamic campus.”

Salford City Council, which owns the building, is close to finalising agreements with a developer to bring it back into use for business and residential purposes as part of the regeneration of the Chapel St and Crescent area of Salford.

Deputy City Mayor, Councillor David Lancaster, said: “We were delighted to work with the University in giving this building a creative facelift. It’s a major landmark in this area and a fantastic way to showcase the talent of students at Salford University.”