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Archived Website

This website has been archived; this is no longer an active Research Centre.

If you have any questions, or for any further information, please contact the Arts, Media and Communications Research Centre.

Salford University Centre for Prison Studies

The Salford University Centre for Prison Studies no longer exists. All prison related research activities will be undertaken within the University's 'Centre for Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences’.

The Director would like to thank all SUCPS members and contributors for their longstanding support.

The Centre for Prison Studies was launched in November 2008 as part of Salford University’s Centre for Social Research. SUCPS is the only Centre of its kind outside of London.

Under the Directorship of Dr. Elaine Crawley, the Centre aims to provide a forum in which academics and prison practitioners can meet via conferences, seminars and informal workshops and to begin to close the apparent 'gap' between the knowledge of prisons held by academics (often thought by practitioners to be irrelevant to 'real' prison life) and the 'sharp end' knowledge of prisons held by those who work in them (knowledge that has for far too long been undervalued and/or ignored). 

The Centre strives to generate empirically based, policy-related research which has the capacity to ensure valuable practical benefits to those who either work within our prisons or who are there under sentence.

In addition to proving a forum for the interchange of ideas (via seminars, workshops and conferences) we provide members who are interested in pursuing one or more of the priority research topics with assistance in terms of:

  • developing collaborative research proposals; supporting the establishment of research teams
  • facilitating access to institutions in which research should take place
  • managing and coordinating projects
  • providing help in the development of applications for funding
  • evaluation of proposals
  • research advice.

For the opportunity to discuss your research ideas, please contact us.