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Acoustics Testing

Domestic appliances


Claire Lomax
t: +44 (0)161 295 3030

Standard Testing to BS EN ISO 60704 series for domestic appliances

Our independent measurements conform to the British Standard sound power methods, and to the BS EN ISO 60704 series of test codes for ‘Household and similar electrical appliances’. The BS EN ISO 60704 series has been that have been specifically developed to cover the testing of domestic appliances.  

We are the only UK based acoustic test laboratory offering UKAS accredited testing to the BS EN 60704 series test codes for testing vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers.

Tests available include:-

Vacuum Cleaners

BS EN 60704-2-1: 2015

Details of our current UKAS Scope of Accreditation.



BS EN 60704-2-3: 2002

Washing machines and spin extractors

BS EN 60704-2-4: 2012

Tumble dryers

BS EN 60704-2-6: 2012

Fan Heaters

BS EN 60704-2-2: 2010


BS EN 60704-2-7: 1998


BS EN 60704-2-9: 2003

Electric cooking ranges, ovens, grills, microwave ovens

BS EN 60704-2-10: 2011

Range hoods

BS EN 60704-2-13: 2017

Refrigerators, frozen food storage cabinets and food freezers

BS EN 60704-2-14:2013 +A11: 2015

We can also provide certification for verifying declared noise emission values to:

BS EN 60704-3: 2006

Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne noise – Part 3: Procedure for determining and verifying declared noise emission values

Features of sound power tests for domestic appliances at the University of Salford include:-

  • Fully equipped Laboratory including water supply
  • Measurements carried out in anechoic, hemi-anechoic or reverberation chambers
  • All equipment fully traceable to National Standards
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Professional reporting to cover all the requirements of each standard
  • Technical expertise and independent advice on measurement requirements
  • Excellent access to main transport routes with convenient loading and storage facilities
  • Opportunity to witness tests if required

Bespoke Testing for Domestic Appliances

In addition, we also offer a broad range of non-standard measurements, diagnostic testing and R&D services including:

  • Product noise modelling and auralisation
  • Sound quality testing and analysis
  • Noise source tracking/localisation
  • Sound and vibration source characterisation
  • Transfer path analysis / source path contribution analysis
  • Noise source rank ordering and treatment
  • Vibration testing
  • Vibration isolator characterisation (dynamic stiffness measurements)
  • Virtual acoustic prototypes