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Acoustics Testing



Andrew Elliot
t: +44 (0)161 295 4001

Richard Hughes
t: +44 (0)161 295 0040

We have unique specialist expertise in structure-borne sound including sound source characterisation - the in situ blocked force method and in situ transfer path analysis (TPA) method were both devised in our labs. We have a broad range of expertise in automotive acoustics, vibration and materials research including both experimental methods and modelling. We also offer a broad range of services to the automotive industry including standard test procedures and bespoke research.  For example, standard tests might include the measurement of sound absorption using the impedance tube or the measurement of sound insulation in the transmission suite.

The following tests are quality assured to ISO/IEC 17025:

Sound Insulation testing to BS EN ISO 10140-2 / BS EN ISO 140-3 / BS EN ISO 717-1

Sound Absorption to BS EN ISO 354

Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices to BS EN 1793-1, BS EN 1793-2 & BS EN 1793-3

Sound Power to BS EN ISO 3744:2010 / BS EN 60704-2-1:2015

UKAS Accredited Calibration Servicesautomative

Other traceable standard test services we offer include:

Sound Power testing to BS EN ISO 3741 / BS EN ISO 3743 / BS EN ISO 3745 / BS EN ISO 3744:2010 / BS EN 60704-2-1:2015

Impedance tube testing for normal incidence sound absorption and transmission loss

Sound intensity methods to BS EN ISO 9614-1:2009 / BS EN ISO 9614-3:2009 / BS EN ISO 15186-3:2010

We also offer a broad range of non-standard measurements, diagnostic testing and R&D services including:

Structure borne noise & Vibration prediction

Noise source tracking/localisation

Sound and vibration source characterisation

Transfer path analysis / source path contribution analysis

Noise source rank ordering and treatment

Product noise modelling and auralisation

Shock tube testing

Vibration testing e.g. with Polytec laser interferometer or Guralp force-feedback accelerometers

Vibration isolator characterisation (dynamic stiffness measurements)