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Acoustics Testing

Research and Development

We have a history of more than 50 years of industry-focussed research and commercial contracts in acoustics and vibration. We enjoy the high level expertise of the Acoustics Research Centre and the state-of-the-art UKAS accredited laboratory facilities.

Working with the University

We are set up to respond flexibly and quickly to industry needs. A range of funding options is available to support different requirements ranging from simple one-off tests to long term research projects, perhaps including research studentships. Depending on the type of project we may be able to bid for government funding. Some of the options are summarised in the table below. Please contact us for more information.

Funding basis
Project length
Lead time
Standard and UKAS testing
See pages for individual tests
Bespoke testing
See pages for individual tests
Day rate
A few days to weeks depending on project requirements
Research studentship (MSc or PhD)
Minimum 12 months
Approx £20k per year
Several months
KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership)
Minimum 12 months
Approx £60k per year but subsidised by government by 50% or 67% (for SMEs)
Minimum 6 months. A two stage proposal is required.
Research council award
Typically 3-5 years
Funded up to 100% by government
9-12 months - a detailed proposal is required and funding success rates are typically low
European funded research project


Andy Moorhouse