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Acoustics Testing



Claire Lomax
t: +44 (0)161 295 3030

Gary Phillips
t: +44 (0)161 295 3319

The University of Salford Acoustic Test & Calibration Laboratory provides an independent acoustic calibration service, offering UKAS accredited and traceable calibrations to meet customer requirements.

We offer sound level meter calibration alongside calibration of sound calibrators, microphones, tapping machines and other acoustic instrumentation by Bruel and Kjaer, Norsonic, 01dB and many other manufacturers.

The Laboratory’s customers are acoustic consultancies, local authorities, construction, product design and other acoustic-related industries.

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

UKAS and traceable calibration services

We offer a comprehensive UKAS and traceable acoustic calibration service that covers:-

  • Sound Level Meter calibration to BS EN 61672 or BS EN 7580 (link to SLM page)
  • Calibration of Sound Calibrators (link to sound calibrator page)
  • Calibration of Reverberation Time (link to SLM page)
  • Calibration of Third Octave Filters to BS EN 61260 (link to SLM page)
  • Calibration of Tapping Machines to BS ISO 140 Part 7 (link to pre-completion test page)
  • Calibration of Microphones including sensitivity and frequency response (link to microphone page)
  • Calibration for Pre-Completion Testing (link to SLM page)
  • Calibration of Reference Sound Sources to BS EN 6926 (link to sound source page)
  • Sound source qualification to BS EN ISO 140-4 for loudspeakers and dodecahedrons (link to sound source page)
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UKAS scope


As an independent laboratory not tied to any instrument manufacturers, we support instrumentation from all manufacturers including:-

  • Bruel & Kjaer
  • Norsonic
  • Rion
  • 01dB
  • NTi
  • CEL
  • Svantek
  • Cirrus
  • Castle

Customer Service

We minimize the inconvenience caused by equipment downtime by providing:-
  • Fast turnaround times to minimize equipment down time;
  • Free microphone calibrations with sound level meter verifications and free microphone check and advice service if a microphone is suspected damaged between calibrations;
  • Collection and/or return delivery of equipment to suit your schedules;
  • Competitive prices and discounts for volume;
  • Bespoke testing and calibrations to meet your requirements.