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What we do

Business Development

The UK Partnerships Office (UKPO) works with schools to identify and develop targeted partnership opportunities that will support the delivery of their strategic objectives and operational plans. Members of the UKPO will support colleagues within schools with the development, approval and implementation of partnership opportunities, enabling the school to take on operational management responsibility from day 1 of delivery.

Account Management

With more and more of the University’s partnership activities cutting across 2 or more schools and subject disciplines, it is important that the University maintains a high level of co-ordinated, customer focused support to its key partners. The UKPO provides this service ensuring a consistent point of communication at institutional level.

Advice and Guidance

The UKPO provides advice and guidance to both internal staff and external partners on all aspects of partnership development and management. From initial concept through to formal approval, the UKPO can provide assistance to staff wishing to realise partnership opportunities.

Staff Development

Working closely with colleagues in the Quality Office, the UKPO can offer a suite of on line and physical staff development opportunities.

Staff at Partner Colleges are able to access various staff development materials, both from the University's standard offering to all staff and also bespoke materials provided for Partners by the UKPO.

We have identified staff development sessions which would be of interest to all partners, accredited partners and associate partners.

In order to find when these sessions are next running, please access the University's Calendar of Staff Development and enter the session title in the Search Box. If there is currently no date available for the next presentation of the session then please contact us and we will reserve a place for you when the training is next offered.

If you have identified a specific piece of staff development that is not covered here, please contact us and we will seek to make arrangements to deliver this in the most appropriate way.

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