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Benefits for Salford

The Campus Plan will improve the University of Salford’s environment for the benefit of staff, students, businesses and local people. It will help make Salford a competitive choice for students looking for an excellent higher education experience.

  • The new student residences will help bring Peel Park back to active public life – increasing security and transforming the environment into a welcoming and pleasant green space
  • Students will be living in one central location at the new student residences – with the University providing 24-hour site security, including keeping the surrounding area tidy, quiet and free from disturbance
  • The refurbishment and extension of Chapman Building, and the construction of the New Adelphi Building for arts subjects, will create new and improved flexible and modern academic spaces for the benefit of students, staff and local people
  • A series of new public spaces – starting with Chapman Square – will improve connectivity across the University, as well as providing valuable outdoor spaces where everyone can come together to share ideas
  • Environmental considerations will be built into all designs, helping us to remain as an sustainable University
  • People in the local area will benefit economically from the development
  • The University is already one of the area’s biggest employers, and makes a major contribution to the local economy.