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Senior Leadership Team

Terms of Reference

Overview of governance accountabilities & responsibilities

1. Acting as a problem solving body, to provide solution-focused advice to VCET on university initiatives and key policies  

2. To serve as a channel for consultation on a range of matters prior to their determination by VCET or other decision making bodies

3. To contribute to the effective exchange of information on policy and performance, in particular for those activities where compliance is required with national legislation  

4. To ensure the effective communication and implementation of university plans within members’ areas of authority

Meetings are scheduled quarterly.

The Team

Prof Helen Marshall


Huw Williams

Huw Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Sam Grogan

PVC Students Experience

Jo Purves

Jo Purves

PVC for International and Regional Partnerships

Alison Blackburn

University Registrar

Louise Edwards-Holland

Louise Edwards-Holland

Director of HR

Julie Charge

Julie Charge

Director of Finance

Professor Allan Walker

Prof Allan Walker

Dean of the School of Arts & Media

Professor Sheila Pankhurst

Prof Sheila Pankhurst

Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Environment

Margaret Rowe

Margaret Rowe

Dean of the School of Health and Society

Senior staff in attendance

Prof Neil Fowler

Prof Neil Fowler

Dean of Students

John McCarthy

Executive Director, Marketing, Recruitment & External Relations

Jackie Njoroge

Director of Strategy

Professor Karl Dayson

Dean of Research