University of Salford Manchester

Stephen Talboys

Director of Estates & Property and Information Technology Services

Stephen TalboysAs the Director for our newly merged department, Stephen is passionate about bringing people together to make a great environment where we enjoy learning, working and living.

To that end, he is responsible for the efficient, effective and sustainable operation, maintenance and development of our land, buildings and IT infrastructure and also leads corporately on IT strategy, estate strategy, emergency planning, space management, and environmental sustainability.

Since joining the University in April 2013 Stephen has successfully lead the projects that are transforming our main campus including the large-scale investment of £81m in Peel Park Residential Quarter and £55m in New Adelphi building which open in September 2015 and September 2016 respectively, as well as overseeing the smaller scale improvements in key facilities such as the Atmosphere bar, ‘Ask Us’ hub and the Gas & Petroleum Lab.

Over the last six months whilst in interim charge of IT Services he has shaped the renewed focus on putting our students first through improved Wi-Fi, drop in centres, co-designing with our customers and support of the Enabling the Student Journey Project.

Originally studying civil engineering, Stephen is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Surveyor and member of the Institute of Directors.