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Leadership and Management

Prof Helen Marshall: Leadership at Salford

Professor Helen Marshall "Thank you for taking the time to learn about the leadership and strategic direction of our University. At Salford our people are our biggest asset, and it is an immense privilege to lead the Salford team.

The leadership team at Salford is focussed on setting a clear and successful vision for the University's future and on working with you all to deliver this, making the University of Salford a great place to work and study. I hope this information , about the leaders in our University is useful, and gives a flavour for the breadth of experience and skills we can call upon."


The Leadership and Management of the University is the primary responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Marshall. Through the Vice-Chancellor's Executive team (VCET) and the University Management Team (UMT), the Vice-Chancellor leads the development and delivery of the university's vision and strategy. 

These pages contains information about the university's leadership and management structure, key Senior Officers, and the responsibilities of our Executive. 

Strategic objectives and vision

Following six months of engagement with students, staff and external organisations, our University has announced its new vision.

Driven by our new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Marshall, this vision explains what we want to be, how and why.

The new vision will enable us to create something special and unique. But like all visions, it is something we aspire to be over the next five to 10 years. It won’t happen overnight and there will be many challenges but it captures something special about us. Here it is.

"By pioneering exceptional industry partnerships we will lead the way in real world experiences preparing students for life."

More information on the university's vision.

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