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Reporting a Data Breach or Security Incident

How to report a data breach or security incident

The University needs to know about incidents involving:

  • unauthorised access to or disclosure of personal data or Confidential University information
  • lost or stolen laptop, smart phone, memory stick or other IT equipment containing University information

The Information Governance Team are part of a co-ordinated team across Legal & Governance and Digital IT called the IT Security Emergency Response Team (ITSERT) who respond to and manage investigations into data breaches and security incidents.

Please report any data breaches or security incidents to the Digital IT Service Desk on 0161 295 2444. The Service Desk will refer the case to the relevant teams.

You should always report your concerns because misuse could damage the University network, be illegal or have a negative impact on the University's reputation. All of these can have a negative effect on your studies or job with the University. By reporting your concerns, you are providing the best opportunity to prevent any recurrence and to limit damage to the University and its data subjects as quickly as possible.

Under the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation there will be a strict time limit for the University to notify the Information Commissioner about serious personal data breaches – we can only meet the time frame, if you tell us about the incident or breach immediately!