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What should we do in our day to day activities to become more compliant with data protection regulations?

There are many things you can do to look after data effectively, listed below are some best practice approaches which we will update regularly.


Always carry in hand luggage when travelling & use a privacy screen when in a public place

Computers at Work:

Lock your screen whenever you are away from your desk


These should be a mixture of upper & lower case, numbers and symbols. If you use a PIN make it longer than the standard 4 digits. And never use a password that you use elsewhere

File Transfers

When sending to third parties you should encrypt the file and use secure data transfer systems

If you have to send data to another person within your organisation you don’t have to encrypt but you should password protect and then send the password in a separate email

Mobile Phones

These should be carried with you at all times and PIN/Facial recognition protected


Operate a clear desk policy – not only will it make you more organised it will ensure that all paper files are secured at all times


We should digitalise files wherever possible; making it easier to store and search, but if you have to keep a hard-copy this should be under lock and key.