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The Wider Information Set

The Wider Information Set

The University of Salford is committed to publication of as much information as is practicable to make it easier for students and the wider public to access the information about its courses, approach to teaching and learning and how we operate.  This information forms the Wider Information Set (WIS), a collection of information that all Universities are obliged to make available.  These obligations affect all publicly funded higher education institutions, further educations colleges with undergraduate provision, and private providers who subscribe to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

The purpose of the WIS is to

  • inform the public about the quality of HE, and in particular, help provide potential students with information that will help them make a choice about what and where to study
  • help provide evidence to contribute to quality assurance processes in institutions (specifically review by the QAA)
  • help provide information that institutions can use to enhance the quality of their HE provision.

For more information on the WIS, please refer to the HEFCE website.

The WIS is broken down into three categories:

  1. Information on institutional context
  2. Information about aspects of courses and awards
  3. Information on the quality and standards of programmes

1. Information on institutional context

Mission statement

Mission: Salford is an enterprising University which transforms individuals and communities through excellent teaching, research, innovation and engagement.

Vision: The University of Salford will be, by 2017, an outstanding University renowned for the quality of its engagement, humanity, global reach and leadership in education, research, innovation.

In common with all progressive communities, the University has developed the following set of shared values both as a guide and framework for personal and corporate behaviour, in the governance and management of the University and in every aspect of our activities.


The University of Salford espouses and promotes the following values and behaviours:

  • The highest academic, professional and ethical standards and service to our stakeholders, clients and partners and, in particular, putting our students first
  • Supporting our people and recognising and rewarding excellence and leadership
  • Working together for the advancement of the University
  • Innovation, creativity, enterprise, courage
  • Diversity, humanity, fairness and respect
  • Pride in our heritage and the distinctive difference we make to the world
  • Investing passion in all that we do.

Corporate plan

Statement of quality assurance policies and processes

Learning and teaching strategy:

Information on partnerships

Employability statements


2. Information about aspects of courses and awards

Prospectuses, programme guides, module descriptors or similar

Programme specifications

Results of internal student surveys

Links with employers

Partnership agreements, links with awarding bodies/delivery partners

As the University has its own degree awarding powers, most degree courses are accredited internally.

In a limited number of areas the University has collaborative partnerships with other UK Higher Education Institutes to deliver undergraduate and postgraduate Joint Awards. The University also accredits and affiliates a number of partner organisations for the delivery of University of Salford awarded programmes. Please see the University’s Collaborative Provision Register available from here for details.

The University’s HNC and HND courses are accredited by Pearson (Edexel)


3. Information on the quality and standards of programmes

Procedures and outcomes for programme approval, monitoring and review

See also the Academic Handbook

External examination procedures

Policies for student complaints, appeals and representations

See also the Academic Handbook