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Joyce Redfearn

Joyce is currently working as a consultant in leadership development / coaching across health, local government and education. She worked for the Department of Health and the   Local Government Association on the national framework for Health and Wellbeing improvement. She is a leadership facilitator working with Chief Executives and Leaders across systems.  She has chaired two Improvement Boards.    

She retired in March 2012 after 17 years as a Local Authority Chief Executive.  Her last 7 years were in Wigan  where in her final 15 months she was in a shared CE post with the Ashton Leigh and Wigan PCT.  Prior to that she helped to reintroduce the CE role to Gloucestershire County Council and to take it from a poor to a good Authority.  She started her CE career by setting up the small unitary authority of Monmouthshire.  Joyce has a varied public sector background including being one of the first group of Industrial Relations Officers employed by the BMA.    

She is married with 2 adult daughters.    

Member of Student Experience Committee.