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The University Council

Terms of Reference

1.  To review and monitor all aspects of the student experience in order to be assured that it meets agreed KPIs.  The consideration will include taught and research students and will encompass the student journey from entry to employment.

2.   In particular the SEC will focus on the stages of the journey set out below and seek assurance that all elements of the journey are focussed on continuous improvement and meeting agreed KPI’s and national benchmarks (reporting to Council, Senate and the Executive as appropriate if such assurance is not achieved):

  1. recruitment and admissions
  2. teaching and learning
  3. research
  4. the academic portfolio
  5. student support
  6. student satisfaction
  7. student appeals and complaints
  8. retention and progression
  9. employment and other outcomes

3.  To consider any other relevant matters referred to the Committee by Council, Senate or other Committees thereof.

4.  To receive reports on internal and external student satisfaction surveys and on cross-institutional external academic reviews (such as QAA Higher Education Review or HEFCE Research Excellence Framework).

5.  To ensure a proactive approach to and effective engagement with equality and diversity across the constituent parts of the University, assuring that this reflects the University’s vision and mission