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The University Council

Student Experience Committee


The Student Experience Committee (SEC) is a Committee of Council which monitors and considers the nature of the student experience at the University in order to ensure it meets agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and the needs of stakeholders, especially students.

Recognising Senate’s role as the academic authority of the University and the role of Senate committees in maintaining academic standards and enhancing academic quality, the Committee will monitor the quality of teaching, learning and research, taking cognisance of internal and external benchmarks  and targets. Noting Finance and Resources Committee’s responsibility for statutory equality and diversity compliance, the SEC is responsible for ensuring a proactive approach and effective engagement with inclusion, equality and diversity.

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Dr Martin Toner, Corporate Governance Officer (Council), Quality and Enhancement Office, Room G06, Crescent House, email:

Dates of Committee Meetings


Meeting Dates               Final Papers for consideration to be submitted by 12pm on              
Thursday 27 September 2018 at 1:00pm Monday 17 September 2018
Thursday 29 November 2018 at 2:30pm Monday 19 November 2018
Tuesday 7 March 2019 at 1:00pm Monday 25 February 2019
Thursday 30 May 2019 at 2:00pm Monday 20 May 2019


The Student Experience Committee (SEC) is a Committee of Council which monitors and considers the student academic experience at the University to enable Council better to understand the nature of the student experience at Salford and to make its assurance statement as part of the annual accountability return to HEFCE.

The Committee will receive reports on the student academic experience, outcomes and standard of awards, and challenge assurances from within the University.

Terms of Reference

1. To receive and consider reports and assurances from the University which would support the Council in making the following assurance statements to HEFCE:

  • The governing body has received and discussed a report and accompanying action plan relating to the continuous improvement of the student academic experience and student outcomes. This includes evidence from the provider’s own periodic review processes, which fully involve students and include embedded external peer or professional review;
  • The methodologies used as a basis to improve the student academic experience and student outcomes are, to the best of our knowledge, robust and appropriate;
  • The standards of awards for which we are responsible have been appropriately set and maintained;
  • (from December 2017 relating to 2016/17 activity) the governing body has received a report that confirms that the provider continues to meet the standards of Part 1 of the European Standards and Guidance (2015).

2. To sample the stages of the journey set out below and seek assurance that all elements of the journey are focussed on continuous improvement and meeting agreed KPIs and nationa lbenchmarks (reporting to Council and the Executive as appropriate if such assurance is not achieved):

a) pre-entry, welcome and induction

b) teaching and learning experience

c) learning resources and environment

d) student support

e) student satisfaction

f) transition, retention and progression

g) employment and other outcomes

h) alumni experience

i) equality, inclusion and diversity

3. To satisfy itself that the University meets its legal and compliance obligations on matters relating to equality, inclusion and diversity, and to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place for the management of equality, inclusion and diversity, including the monitoring and oversight of such arrangements.

4. To consider any other relevant matters referred to the Committee by Council or other Committees thereof.

2 Ex-officio Senate members

3 Ex-officio Council members

2 Appointed/elected Senate members

5 Appointed Independent Council members

Up to 2 co-opted members

Officers in attendance: Pro-Vice Chancellor (Student Experience) and Registrar and Secretary