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The University Council

About Lead Members

There are now six Council committees - Audit and Risk Committee, Finance and Resources Committee, Governance, Nominations and Ethics Committee, Honorary Degrees Committee, Remuneration Committee and Student Experience Committee.

In other business areas, including those previously dealt with by Council Committees, Council will appoint independent members to act as lead members.

What do Lead Members Do?

In addition to the Committee structure outlined above, Council has authorised the appointment of Lead Members to provide it with a governance mechanism of dual assurance addressed to key business areas. Lead Members cover the key areas of responsibility for Council : Finance, Estates, Human Resources, International and Information Technology.  

On behalf of the Council, Lead Members work with relevant senior managers (eg Executive Directors, Executive Deans). Their role is not to manage the business area but to provide assurance to Council that recommendations and decisions arising from the business area are sound and evidence based, have followed appropriate processes, and are aligned to corporate strategy. To guide their dual assurance role, Lead Members are encouraged to address and challenge on such issues as:

  • To what extent are the objectives in the corporate strategy and operational plans relating to the business area being delivered?
  • Are risks sufficiently identified and mitigated?
  • Is communication between the Lead Member and the Director sufficient?

Other Council members have the opportunity to raise questions about and probe issues raised in reports of Lead Members either with the Lead Members themselves or with the relevant Executive Director. 

Who are the Lead Members?

The Lead Members are as follows

Estates –  Mr T Russell

Finance – Mr I Moston

Human Resources – Ms A Dunstan

International - Mr S O'Hara

IT - Mr G Dowdle

Student Experience - Prof S Price

Queries regarding Lead Members should be directed to the Registrar and Secretary, Alison Blackburn, via email at or by phone on 0161 295 2487.