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The University Council

Please see the Regulations for the Award of Honorary Degrees before completing.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Details of person to be nominated:

Date of Birth (if known)
Do you have any personal or professional relationship with or knowledge of the person *

Each of the criteria below must be included.

  1. Summary and biography
  2. How the nominee made a significant achievement to her/his chosen field
  3. Connection of the nominee, or particular relevance of their achievements, to the University, the city of Salford, Greater Manchester or the North West region
  4. Any contribution or service provided by the nominees which is worthy of recognition to the University
  5. Potential of the nominee to contribute further to the aims and standing of the University in the future
  6. Any achievements of the nominee in academic areas which align to the University’s strategic plan
  7. Why the nominee would make a suitable role model for students
  8. How the nominee reflects the values of the University
  9. How the award of an honorary degree to the nominee would enhance the University’s reputation

Please add details in no more than 500 words to support the nomination referring to the criteria listed above. It should be noted that being a graduate or former employee of the University is not in itself a sufficient criterion for the award of an honorary degree and that Criteria 3, 4 and 5 are critical in making a strong case for the award.

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