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The University Council

Honorary Degrees Committee


Honorary Degrees Committee has delegated authority from Council and Senate to consider and approve nominations for the award of Honorary Degrees.

Secretary to the Committee

Dr Martin Toner, Corporate Governance Officer (Council), Quality and Enhancement Office, Room G06, Crescent House, email:

Meeting Dates


  • Thursday 29 November 2018 at 12.00 Noon
  • Thursday 30 May 2019 at 12.00 noon


Honorary Degrees Committee is a joint committee of Council and Senate. The Committee receives delegated authority on behalf of those two bodies to consider candidates for the award of honorary degrees ensuring that all such awards are conferred on individuals whose achievements and activities are resonant with the core values of the University and that candidates considered and awards conferred reflect the range of academic endeavour in  which the University is engaged.

Terms of Reference

1.To consider and approve candidates nominated for honorary degrees on behalf of Senate and Council.

2.To consider and make recommendations as appropriate to Governance and Nominations Committee(and thereafter to Senate and Council) concerning the range of honorary degrees and titles (and relevant qualifying  criteria).

3.To ensure that successfully nominated candidates meet the criteria as set out in the relevant regulations.

4.To consider any other matters relating to the award of honorary degrees as may be appropriate, including the rescinding of awards previously bestowed by the University.

4 Ex-officio members

3 Independent Council members from Governance, Nominations & Ethics Committee

1 Student member of Council

1 Ex-officio Senate member

1 Appointed/Elected Senate member

Officers in attendance: Registrar and Secretary, Executive Director of Marketing & External Relations