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The University Council


The Governance, Nominations and Ethics Committee advises Council on its membership and representation on other internal and external bodies and the operation and effectiveness of corporate governance arrangements. It is also responsible on behalf of Council for the University’s ethics framework  and for development, implementation and monitoring of policies, procedures, codes of practice and guidelines in relation to ethical issues.

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise Council on the operation and effective discharge of the University scheme for corporate governance and the appropriate delegation of Council’s authority.  
  2. To advise Council on developments and good practice in governance and the conduct of Council business, taking cognisance of national guidelines.  
  3. To advise Council on proposed changes to the University’s Charter and Statutes  
  4. To make recommendations to Council in respect of the process for the appointment of a Vice Chancellor or Acting Vice-Chancellor in accordance with Statute 3  
  5. To make recommendations to Council in respect of the appointment of    
    • a Chancellor      
    • Independent Members of Council in accordance with Statute 4      
    • Internal Members of Council other than those appointed by methods prescribed in Statute 4.3      
  6. To approve mechanisms to enable effective assessment of the contribution of Council members (at least annually) and to report to Council on the output from such mechanisms, including development needs.  
  7. To review and monitor the membership needs of the Council and its standing committees (including the need for appropriate succession planning) and to solicit, receive and review names of potential members  
  8. To advise Council on the appointment of Council representatives on other bodies.  
  9. To advise Council on the establishment, terms of reference, composition, membership and disestablishment of its standing committees and their standing sub-committees.  
  10. To consider where appropriate the removal of Council members for good reason, to enable the Chair of Council to submit motions to Council as specified in the Ordinances.  
  11. To monitor and report to Council on the effective operation of the Council’s standing committees and their sub-committees and time or task-limited working groups.  
  12. To advise Council on mechanisms to ensure engagement and communication with internal and external stakeholders.  
  13. To recommend to Council the establishment, terms of reference and composition of any time or task-limited working groups deemed necessary to develop, advance or review the Committee’s business.  
  14. To develop an ethics framework for the University, to be approved by Council.  
  15. To ensure that institutional policies, procedures, codes of practice and guidelines take appropriate account of ethical issues and area consistent with the University’s ethics framework.  
  16. To ensure that Council is apprised of the effective operation of the above arrangements in support of Council’s overall responsibility for ethics governance.  
  17. To oversee and ensure the effective operation of the University’s whistleblowing procedure.