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The University Council

The University's Committee Handbook was developed for the servicing of Council, Senate and their committees and, where applicable, other committees across the institution. 

The Handbook is reviewed and updated annually and is published here as a guide to standard practice for use by all University staff servicing committees.  The Handbook will also be of interest to committee chairs and other members, providing guidance on:

  • roles and characteristics of committee members
  • publication and openness
  • information for new committee members
  • timetable of work: before, at and after meetings
  • handing over to a new committee secretary
  • committee self-evaluation

The Handbook provides exemplar committee documents to illustrate the house style for preparing papers and includes templates for reports to standardise presentation and coverage of key details. Authors of papers for institutional committees are expected to use the appropriate report template.

The Handbook supports staff implementing the Schemes of Academic Governance and Corporate Governance and incorporates the Standing Orders. These Standing Orders regulate the management of committee business and shall apply, as appropriate, to committees established by and within the University of Salford.   

Staff development is available to support the implementation of effective committee servicing.  To check the scheduling of available training sessions please visit the HR Staff Developement page.

Download the Committee Handbook

If you have queries regarding the Handbook or which to discuss staff training needs in respect of committee servicing please contact Martin Toner ( Legal  & Governance Directorate, in the first instance.

Download the Committee Handbook: A Brief Guide for Secretaries

A handy reference guide for committee secretaries, containing all the information needed to service a meeting.

Download the Standing Orders

NB These are included in the Committee Handbook but are available here as a freestanding document suitable for distribution to committee members.

More about the Standing Orders

Report Templates

  • Executive Report Template (for the VC's Executive Team or University Management Team) -  contact Elaine Pateman Salt, Quality and Enhancement Office
  • Council Report Template (for Council and its committees) - contact Martin Toner, Quality and Enhancement Office
  • Senate Report Template (for Senate and its standing committees) - contact Alison Jones, Quality & Enhancement Office

External Publications

The following guides are published by Leadership Foundation for Higher Education/ Committee of University Chairs (CUC) (PDF files – require Adobe Reader): 

The following Guide is published by the Committee of University Chairs and available through the HEFCE website:

The following ECU publication is aimed directly at Governors.

UCEA Publication: Health and Safety at Work:

Link to Times Higher Education website:

UUK Publication: 'Quality and Standards in UK Universities: A guide to how the system works":

HEFCE Publications

Memorandum of Accountability and Assurance

Leadership Foundation for HE Governance website


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