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The University Council

The Council essentially operates an assurance role and as such they oversee the strategic direction of the University. Council usually meets 4 times. Whilst Council doesn’t make operational decisions about how the University operates is does ensure that operations are undertaken effectively, it essentially provides a

In terms of tangible examples of Council affecting students, we could draw on the Campus Framework.

On the 14th Oct 2016 Council approved the outline Campus Framework. The transformation of the physical and digital landscape of the University is being driven by the Chief Operating Officer, in their ambassadorial roles Council are able to highlight the innovative work that the Campus Framework will deliver thus raising the profile of the University.

With specific reference to the Chair of Council Baroness Beverley Hughes, Baroness Hughes sits in the House in Lords and as such plays a key role in influencing national policy on Higher Education. Currently the Higher Education Bill is in the Lords and Baroness Hughes is able to articulate Salford’s position, recommending amendments and make suggestions.