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Registration of Gifts, Rewards and Hospitality

The University of Salford is committed to principles of sound governance and responsible management and therefore requires staff and members of Council to declare gifts and hospitality received as a result of activities associated with University business. This is to ensure complete transparency and avoid any suspicion of conflicts of interest.

Members of staff should not accept any gifts, rewards or hospitality (or have them given to members of their families) from any organisation or individual with whom they have contact in the course of their work that would cause them to reach a position whereby they might be, or might be deemed by others to have been, influenced in making a business decision as a consequence of accepting such hospitality. The frequency and scale of hospitality accepted should not be significantly greater than the University would be likely to provide in return.

When staff are unclear as to whether or not a gift/hospitality is acceptable they are advised to decline the offer or seek advice from the Director of Finance. The Financial Regulations require the University (through Heads of School and Directors of Professional Services) to maintain registers of gifts received where the value is in excess of £25 and of hospitality received where the value is in excess of £100 (these limits apply to single gifts and the cumulative total of three gifts or more received within a rolling 12 month period from the same source). Best practice requires that all instances of gifts and hospitality, whatever the value, are declared and the declaration of all gifts/hospitality is mandatory for all members of the Executive.

The Financial Regulations of the University are available at the following link; section 15 of the Regulations relates to receipt of gifts and hospitality.

Download University of Salford Financial Regulations, 2014

Please use the form below to record all gifts and hospitality received. Please ensure you provide all information marked with a *.

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