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Council Nomination Form

This form is to be used to nominate members of University staff to serve on Council. Council has ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the University, delegating responsibility for management of the institution to the Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Team. Council plays a vital role in providing assurance and scrutiny, monitoring institutional performance and setting the direction of the University.

Please note that self-nomination is not permitted.

When nominating a member of Council using this form, you will need to provide 3 sets of details:

  • Details of the Nominee (the person you are nominating for Council);
  • Details of the Nominator (the person completing this form);
  • Details of the Seconder (the person who is supporting/seconding this nomination);
  • Please note that you, the Nominee and the Seconder must all be members of the University.
Details of Nominee

The first set of questions ask about the person who is being nominated for Council office.

You may provide a statement of no more than 500 words setting out how the qualities, experience and knowledge of the nominee will facilitate their active contribution to the work of Council:
Details of Nominator
Details of Seconder

Agreement to Duties of Council Members

Successful candidates will be required to consent to accept office and to adhere to the duties of Council members as outlined below:

  • To exercise their responsibilities in the interests of the University as a whole rather than as a representative of any constituency;
  • To act corporately in the best interests of the University serving its further development and advancement;
  • To assure the University’s corporate responsibilities and obligations under law, regulations and public and University policy;
  • To act in good faith, honestly and properly, exercising appropriate care and diligence;
  • To disclose and, wherever possible, avoid conflicts of interest.

Council members are expected to adhere to the University’s Code of Conduct for Council members and senior officers.

Allocation to Council

Successful candidates shall be appointed to Council and may be allocated to one or more of its standing committees.