Landmark Salford buildings shine with spectacular guerrilla light show

Friday 21 November 2014
The Allerton Totem Poles bathed in #SalfordLight

Students joined an internationally-renowned guerrilla lighting group last night (Thursday 20 November) to transform four University of Salford buildings with a spectacular, multicoloured illumination display.

‘#SalfordLight’ saw Adelphi House, Maxwell Building, the Allerton Totem Poles and the Old Fire Station breathtakingly lit by students using high-powered coloured torches, under the direction of the Light Collective consultancy, to literally show the University campus in a new light.

The free public performance involved around 50 students as ‘light designers’ for the evening, lighting up the buildings and producing stunning images, showcasing the University’s creativity and innovation.

The installation was carefully planned by the Light Collective to encourage people to think about and appreciate lighting and architecture in new and different ways, and imagery from #SalfordLight will be displayed at future guerrilla lighting events in cities including Singapore, London, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

Paula Barrow, Director, Marketing and Student Recruitment, said: “#SalfordLight was an amazing display of creativity and collaboration – a team of torch-bearing students shone a wonderful array of different light around our campus for passers-by and on-line audiences.

“The event was a great way to encourage people to look at things differently and to appreciate the unexpected in the most everyday places. We are very proud to know that our images will now feature in Light Collective art installations around the world.”