International Festival of Music and Dance

Friday 21 March 2014 - Friday 21 March 2014
Venue: Robert Powell Theatre, University of Salford, and The Zombie Shack, Thirsty Scholar, Oxford Road, Manchester
Event Type: Arts; Music

Venue: Robert Powell Theatre, University of Salford, Allerton Building, Frederick Road campus, Salford

Times: 9.30am-4.00pm

Admission: Free

Drum Roots
Drumroots is based on the drumming traditions of West Africa – especially Guinea, where many of our members have studied under celebrated drumming masters. The rhythmic traditions of guinea are derived from highly cultured and musical Mandeng people, who have influenced musical traditions throughout West Africa. Drumroots will conduct a workshop with the students of Oasis Academy, followed by a short performance.

Holly Marland
Kora player Holly Marland studied at the University of Salford, gaining a degree in Popular Music. From there on she went on to study music therapy, ending by becoming a kora player of note. The kora, a West African instrument, (or West African ‘harp’) is used as a means to historicize events and spread news – a town crier – but in an exquisitely musical way.
A difficult instrument, performers have to study for many years both to master the instrument and perform vocally.

The Nile Band
The Nile band, one of the North West’s most beloved North African groups, has been performing for around 20 years. Led by Medhat al Masry, the group is one of the few Egyptian popular music groups in the UK, performing tahkt; a musical style that grew to popular heights through the work of 20th Century greats such as Umm Kulsoom.

Sanat Mahmudova
A classical Uzbek dancer, Sanat Mahmudova worked as a dancer in Uzbekistan for many years before moving to the UK. She continued her studies at the University of Salford and has subsequently set up her own successful dance company.

University of Salford Klezmer Band
Klezmer is an Ashkenazi Jewish musical tradition of Eastern Europe.

Galina Vale
Ukrainian Galina Vale studied guitar in Moscow and at the Royal Northern College of Music, setting herself up as an exceptionally exciting classical guitarist. In the last five years Galina has expanded her musical language to include Flamenco, writing music that combines the traditional techniques of Flamenco with music of the classical tradition. This will be her second workshop-performance at the University.

Oasis Academy performance
A group of students from Oasis Academy, MediaCityUK, have been participating in an outreach project involving lessons in Samba, Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira. This performance will be culmination of their hard work. The outreach work was undertaken by Bangdrum and Capoeira Conviver on behalf of the University.


Venue: The Zombie Shack at the Thirsty Scholar, Oxford Road, Manchester

Times: 9.00pm-2.00am

Admission: Free

An open Capoeira Roda (Capoeira Circle) led by Capoeira Angola, Manchester
Capoeira, a Brazilian art form, plays on a combination of dance, music and acrobatics to form an intricate and complex martial art. Created possibly during the 1600s, Brazilian slaves used it as a form of defence and a way in which to create and retain lost identities through the use of African forms of play. However, in order to hide it from the slave masters, the movements are disguised as dance and as play.

Timberos de la Timbala
Timberos de la Timbala play Cuban rumba, a dynamic blend of acoustic percussion and vocals. Their performances showcase a collection of classic rumba songs and new arrangements that reaches deep into the roots of Cuban culture with its mix of African and European derived influences. A whole variety of forms of rumba are here; from the demure and elegant couple’s dance of el Yambú to the fast and energetic Columbia in which a solo dancer competes with the lead drum for the attention of the audience.

For this event the 10-piece band are joined by Havana-born singer Gerardo de Armas who adds his compelling voice to their rich percussive base to create an evening of music and dance that summons up the very spirit of its Caribbean home.

The evening is hosted by Afro Sonido – a group of DJs specialising in African, Cuban and Latin sounds.